Laura McClanahan is an American abstractionist artist

Paintings – acrylic, resin and quartz on canvas.
Confluence is the meeting of two rivers or ideas. In this series of paintings, I am exploring the integration of mark making and poured paint. The marks, as spirals and circles signify my investigations into the invisible energy in the universe. Torsion waves, scalar energy, orgone energy, chi, prana, the source field, are all names for this force that surrounds us and is within us. Sound and light frequencies emanate from the center of the galaxy relaying energy and information from the sun, stars and planets to resonate with the cells in our bodies. In turn our personal frequencies rise as our awareness of these invisible forces increases. Sensitivity to others around us, to the information we consume, to the food we eat and to how our energy is affected is vital to our expanding consciousness.

Flow patterns of water demonstrate the idea of our present state of mind and if we are in the flow or not. How our life can be a series of synchronistic events allowing for smooth transitions in times of stress. Our ability to manage stress, creatively problem solve and return back to balance combined with increasing our imagination and awareness of cosmic energy will help the collective consciousness evolve.

These paintings use resin as a shrinking device around quartz crystals and/or metallic gold paints. This squeezing of the crystalline structures creates a life enhancing pulsation just like quartz crystals in a watch. They help to clear the immediate area around the painting from electromagnetic radiation and restructure Wi-Fi that may be throwing our bodies out of synch. This work assists living in tune with the world and finding synchronicity and harmony in daily life.

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