Retirement gifts

Believe it or not, retirement is the most important period of your life. Thousands of articles are written to explain the changes that happen, however plans must start to be made 20 to 30 years in advance. Present on your thoughts are worries about money an how to survive and maintain the same “status” you had while working.


To make a film of all your accomplishments during your working days is one of the best legacies you could leave for posterity.

Pictures of your kids and relatives, Super8 reels, video tapes of your vacations and all the amazing parties you hosted….that  is your life!  All that is a record of 30 years ago, including  your plans and dreams for the future.

Teachers, polices officers, air force crew, Marines and many others, have thousands of special memories to record. It is not a quick job but it is an unforgettable and  worthwhile experience .

Quiet on set, we’re Rolling, Action!

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