What’s Next- A billion dollar question

MatrixOne computer in each home was a remarkable goal in 1970. The dream of a few became the reality of many with a consequent increase in production of intellectual work.The development of increasingly fast and complex processors made this possible. All the new ideas, papers, theses and blueprints required space to be stored and protected. Larger and cheaper server clusters made is easier.

Once the information was stored and protected there was an inevitable need to connect all the existing body of knowledge. Robust protocols
were used to make possible each piece of information reach a right point at a new global address. The Internet made this happen.

Once a lot of information was accessible, the next challenge became how to find it. Many search engines tried to facilitate this job and one was able to do it.

Then the information was reached, what could one do with it? The new buzzwords became collaboration, sharing with friends and colleagues near and far. But where are the partakers of my information? An answer to that question was; social media.

Now what's next?
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