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Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 3.38.15In the article below, author Ted Hope lists 15 reasons to make a film where clearly there are many more. Ted’s article refers to films that we usually see in movietheaters,  but today we consume movies in a variety of ways that were never imagined before.

I ’m talking about How To films.
Why make these films? Because they are practical and useful for you and for me. Try for example to follow a recipe from a cookbook. The first time you will probably make several mistakes. It will not work perfectly. Now try the same recipe after viewing a movie, step by step. You ’ll have a better result from the very beginning.

The same principle applies to a technical job or a training program. You will learn 3 to 10 times faster using the movie as teaching tool.
The next article studies The How To ‘s of Planning Lessons Differentiated by Learning Profile. I enjoyed reading about the
several possibilities of structuring content to reach students of varied learning styles.

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